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15% Off Kona Cotton


With only 14 more sleeps until the big day we are getting you in to the Christmas spirit by offering a series of different offers counting down to Christmas Day. Christmas Countdown Offer #1 is 15% off Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton until midnight tomorrow! Stock up on your pretties while you can grab a bargain!




There are 6 more deals coming your way before Christmas


A Fabric Guide To Corduroy: What’s In A Wale?


I just love cord, it reminds me of autumn and the leaves turning golden and marching through the fallen leaves. It has that lovely cosy feel, cord is perfect in that transition period  from the heady carefree days of summer dresses through to snuggly woolly jumpers.

Cord is a woven fabric which has raised ribs on the right side that run parallel to the selvedge. The ribs are formed by cutting the threads in one direction and the result is a hard wearing fabric that’s soft to the touch. The name originates from the French cord du roi and it was originally a popular fabric for French royal servants uniforms in the 17th and 18th centuries.


What’s In A Wale?

The ribs, or wales, are what gives corduroy it’s distinct quality and the number of wales lets you know what kind of cord you’re dealing with. When you see a wale number given it’s telling you there are that many ribs per inch so the higher the wale number the finer the wales will be. Classic corduroy typically has 14 wales per inch.

Needlecord has finer ribs and is typically 14 to 18 cords per inch which gives a lighter weight fabric and a shorter pile than regular corduroy. We have a super stock of needlecord and currently have 28 colours to choose from. Needlecord is brilliant for clothing and makes fantastic shirts, dresses, bags and children’s clothes.

Then there’s pincord or babycord which has a finer wale again, typically 18 to 22 cords per inch and has similar uses to needlecord and at the other end of the scale there’s constitutional cord which is also known as jumbo or elephant cord which is much thicker and heavier and typically has just 3 to 10 cords per inch.  We are due a lovely big delivery of Robert Kaufman patterned babycord in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for their arrival.

Sewing With Corduroy

Cord is a lovely fabric to sew. It’s stable and doesn’t really require any special handling so it’s a great fabric for beginners. The only thing to think about is those parallel lines…. Make sure your cutting is accurate so when you sew your item together the wales are not on a slant. Also consider the direction that the pile is going and make sure it all runs the same way.

Featured in Love Sewing magazine


And I’m super excited that our 16 wale needlecord is featured in this month’s Love Sewing magazine, there’s a feature on making this adorable cord pinafore as well as a skirt and appliquéd shirt.


I hope you enjoy sewing with this wonderful cord as much as I do! What will you make from cord this season?



Come And Meet Katy Jones At Our Next Open Day!


It is with a spring in my step and a big cheesy grin that I can say with delight that Katy Jones will be joining us at our next weekend open day on 6th December!

Let me explain why I’m so excited…. Katy has got quite a number of impressive achievements under her belt, first off she pens her fabulous blog I’m a Ginger Monkey, she’s co-written a couple of books and contributed to many more quilting titles, she’s has her own TV series Quilt Monkey  for the Quilter’s Network,  she’s Editor of Quilt Now Magazine and if that’s not enough of an impressive résumé she’s just designed her debut fabric collection “Priory Square”  for Art Gallery Fabrics which is released later this month. Continue reading


Tutorial : Cosmetics Bags With a Pretty Lace Edge Zip


If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that I went a bit lace edge zip crazy a few weeks ago making cosmetic bags. The lace edge zips really make these little bags very special, but many people aren’t quite sure how to insert them so here’s a wee tutorial for you so you can go lace edge zip crazy too. They are relatively quick and easy to make and will be a useful and welcome gift this Christmas. You’re getting two tutorials for the price of one here as I run through how to make a bag with boxed corners and a second triangular shaped bag which comes with a free pattern you can download.

A printable version of this tutorial and the pattern is available for free from my website here.

Continue reading


My Guide To Waterproof Fabrics in Sewing World Magazine


A very chuffed Plushette here once again to let you know that I’m in Sewing World Magazine again this month talking about waterproof fabrics. It’s another jam-packed issue I am finding the Vilene series in particular very informative indeed and there’s also an excerpt from Lauren Guthrie’s new book too which is a tutorial on how to make a big weekend bag.


This is my third article for Sewing World (eeek!), you can read about the two here and here. Don’t forget there’s a discounted subscription offer available for Plush Addict customers. You can get a 12 month subscription for only £39.99 (that’s a saving of £19.89) use the code PLUSH14 at check out here. Grab yourself a copy and sit down for a good read with a cuppa, I’m in the “Techniques” section. You can also get your mitts on this magazine at WH Smiths.

Next month is the last in the series and I’ll be writing about natural alternative sustainable fabrics. I’ve really enjoyed writing this series and I’m looking forward to doing a bit more writing in the New Year once the Christmas mayhem has subsided at Plush Towers a little. I hope you enjoy it!



We’re Supporting “Dressability”, Can You Too?



If you’ve been to one of our open days you’ll know that we like to lay on some refreshments and always have tea, coffee and some lovely cakes for you to nibble on. We know people can travel quite a distance to see us and we also know it’s always very welcome to get a brew when you arrive. Everybody is rather glad of the hospitality but so many people are surprised that it’s free and it’s been suggested that we should have a charity box so people can make a donation if they wish. Continue reading


If You Have a Craft Business You Need This Book


Well I must say I feel incredibly honoured to have my mitts on one of the early copies of this book Craft A Creative Business. If you love to sew and you’re not familiar with Fiona Pullen then you really should be! She is the brains behind The Sewing Directory a wonderfully content rich sewing related website. Continue reading


A Toddler Duvet Cover


I’m not alone that many of my sewing makes end up being dictated around my family and their needs and desires, well ok – mostly Baby Plush and the things she needs (I really should stop calling her Baby Plush as she’s almost three now, I’ll have to think of another descriptive, but anonymous name for her soon). All of a sudden she seemed to have outgrown her sleeping bag overnight and was was about to burst out of the bottom of it. Continue reading


My Guide To Fleece Fabrics In Sewing World Magazine


I can’t help but glow with pride each time I think about this. I’ve always fancied being a travel writer but I’ll settle for writing for my favourite sewing magazines instead! This month’s Sewing World magazine has a handy guide to fleece fabrics penned by moi. It’s available in WH Smith or you can purchase a copy on line from Traplet’s online shop. Continue reading