Tutorial – Make a 5 Minute Wristlet Key Fob!

Looking to sew a quick and easy gift for a loved one? Who in the family is always losing their keys? Or are you looking for an awesome useful gift for a teacher this year? We have a quick and super simple guide to make these gorgeous stylish keyfobs which are an AMAZING scrap buster!

You can make these keyfobs in two ways, with interfacing in the middle, or with waist shaper. If you have scraps of waist shaper left from your dressmaking projects this is a perfect way to use them up! The waist shaper is a little firmer than the interfacing, however if you have lots of scraps and fancy a bit of franken-piecing… you can iron all of the scraps of interfacing together!

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Keyfob with Waist Shaper – Perfect for a Beginner

You Will Need…

Quilting Cotton – Use up your scraps! As long as you have 2 3/4 “ in width, any length will work (We used Victorian Vintage – Flight from Nutex)

Waist Shaper – Any length you would like the keyfob to be, will it be a short one or a wrist strap? 

Keyfob Hardware

Sewing Thread (We used Gutermann Sew All Thread)

Sewing Kit You’ll Need…


Rotary Cutter

Self Healing Mat

Quilting Ruler

Quilters Clips

How To Sew a Key Fob with Waist Shaper

Step 1: Cut the fabric to the width of the waist shaper and desired length with a rotary cutter and quilting ruler

Step 2: Iron the fabric right side up to the waist shaper, which should be shiny side up

Step 3: Fold 3 times following the lines of the waist shaper

Step 4: Clip along both edges for the fabric stays folded

Step 5: Straight stitch along both of the long sides

Step 6: Fold in half and trim the ends to your desired length

Step 7: Place your keyfob hardware over the ends and close in place with pilers

Your keyfob is finished, well done!

Keyfob with Interfacing – Perfect for a Beginner

You Will Need…

Quilting Cotton – Use up your scraps! We used 10” x 4” strips

Interfacing – Use up your scraps! We used 10” x 4” strips

Keyfob Hardware

Sewing Thread (We used Gutermann Sew All Thread)

Sewing Kit You’ll Need…


Rotary Cutter

Self Healing Mat

Quilting Ruler

Quilters Clips

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How To Sew a Key Fob with Interfacing

Step 1: Cut your fabric and interfacing to size

Step 2: Iron your interfacing to the back of your quilting cotton

Step 3: Fold your piece in half and iron in place

Step 4: Unfold and then fold both edges to meet the middle crease and iron in place

Step 5: Fold the piece in half again lengthways and press again

Step 6: Top stitch both of the long sides with your stitch length set to 3

Step 7: Use pinking shears to snip both ends neatly

Step 8: Fold in half an encase both ends into the keyfob hardware and close in place with pilers

Your keyfob is finished, well done!

We have video tutorials on our YouTube channel if you prefer following a video for both methods:

Keyfob with Interfacing Tutorial

Keyfob with Waist Shaper Tutorial

We can’t wait to see your finished keyfobs! Why not join our Facebook community The Plush Club or tag us in your makes @plushaddict on all the socials!

Happy sewing!

A Beginners Guide To Dressmaking Patterns

Are you intimidated by dressmaking patterns?

Confused by the envelope? Not sure what the symbols mean?

We’ve got you covered!

Grab a cuppa, read on & let us demystify it!

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How To Use Bondaweb

Bondaweb is a brilliantly versatile fabric glue; think of it as a sheet of double sided sticky tape that can be used to adhere 2 fabrics together.

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3 Project Ideas Using Beguiled by Libs Elliott

This has to be one our faveeeeee collections of all time (can we say that?!) truly, Libs Elliott really knocked it out of the park this time, so of course we had to whip up some projects to provide you with inspiration on what to make with such a fabulous collection.

But not only did we give you 1 make… we’ve given you 3 different project ideas!

Which one will you be trying first seam-stars?

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Sew A Clear PVC Vinyl Zipper Pouch: Free Pattern

Take your organisation to the next level by sewing up a clear vinyl zipper pouch!

These pouches are SO handy and can save you time too as you can see exactly what’s in your storage pouch without even looking inside.

Use them in your crafting space to keep your scraps, notions & general haberdashery in check, or make them for the kids! The see through window can help save time, and add some more interest and fun for them when looking for their favourite toys or craft supplies… Ya never know it might just encourage them to tidy some stuff away too 😲

You can request the free pattern is sent straight to your inbox. The file sent will include pattern pieces you can print & use, as well as with the rectangle sizes needed to make this pouch, if you prefer to draw your own.

We’ve used fabrics from the amazing collection “Beguiled” from Libs Elliot and paired them up with some funky zips to deliver a striking pouch that will be the envy of your friends!

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What is Insul-Bright?

Is your next project too hot to handle or too cold to hold? You need Insul-Bright!

Insul-Bright is an insulated wadding that keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. It is made from metalised polyester film, with Polyester fibres needled through it. The polyester film reflects energy, hot or cold. The needled material is breathable and the fibres help resist conduction. You can use it for a variety of simple yet practical projects for the family and the home.

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11 Tips For Sewing With PVC Vinyl Fabric

Hands up if you knew we stock PVC vinyl

Really hope you’ve got a hand in the air right now! Cause if not whaaaaaat’r’u doinnnnnnn?!

PVC vinyl is such a versatile fabric with a variety of finishing options too!

There’s often a little touch on a project where a transparent fabric could finish it off to perfection; Little ‘glass’ panes in windows, a clear tab to hold an ID tag, a bag you can glance the contents of, an apron that doesn’t hide your outfit… there are so many uses big and small.

So here you have it, a comprehensive guide to sewing with PVC vinyl.

Oh and before you start reading… check out our PVC vinyl here!

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3 Project Ideas For Father’s Day!

Can you believe it’s almost June? Father’s Day is JUST round the corner.

Buying for men can be surprisingly difficult! Turns out they can be pickier than women, who knew?!

Soooo… What are you getting Dad this year? Another pair of socks? Or do you just about have enough brain bandwidth to make a card? 

If so, don’t feel bad! We know times have been trying as of late.

To save you the brain power of having to think of yet ANOTHER fun or creative gift we’ve put together 3 Father’s Day project ideas for you below.

First up is the A5 notebook cover which you can find here.

It’s great for busy office Dad’s to help protect everyday notebooks from wear & tear, but most important little food ridden hands! 

Next is the large travel wash bag!

Ideal to store bathroom supplies when holidaying or if Dad is super trendy… use it as a man bag.

Last but not least is the SUPER quick to make 15 minute fabric trays!

This is a project we’ve done previously but repurposed for Father’s Day because they’re so handy! 

Who loses their keys more? Mum or Dad? We can bet its Dad.

Whoever it is, these snazzy fabric trays are great to have jotted round the house for the whole family to use & keep keys, wallets or any other everyday essentials.

Check out the tutorials & give Dad a handmade gift this year!

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Large Wash Bag Tutorial – FREE Pattern

Sometimes Dads are the trickiest to buy for aren’t they?

On this occasion we thought about going for something practical with that special touch that comes with being handmade. And as an item we all need from time to time, every use will be a little reminder of how much he means to you.

This roomy wash bag is perfect for all dad’s toiletries – it’s big enough for a 2 week holiday! It is 22cm x 17cm x 12cm and lined with waterproof PUL fabric we’ve also given the exterior some Odicoat layers maxing the water repelling properties of this bag. Perfect for splashing around in the shower or by the pool!

A Sewing Project For Adventurous Beginners

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Tutorial: Sew An A5 Notebook Cover In 30 Minutes

There is something so appealing about new stationery; even in an ever increasingly digital age, the perfect notebook still holds its own.

With this in mind we thought a makeover was in order; a cover will level up an already essential item for a lucky recipient.

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