Easy Make: Reversible Halloween Dress

ImageThat spooky time of year is almost upon us and I was determined not to get caught short this year so I’m well prepared and have already made Baby Plush’s Halloween dress. 

I don’t know about you but I struggle with seasonal makes that have a limited life span where clothes are concerned. I’m not a fan of a one trick pony  where my hard worked upon makes are worn only once  so I decided so I’d adapt the pattern so one side is Halloween themed, and the reverse matches but is a generic fabric that can be worn at any time.

I used the McCall M5416 which isn’t actually a reversible dress but it’s very easy to adapt the pattern… In fact I think it’s easier to make it a reversible dress rather than make a yoke with interfacing! I simply  cut the main dress pieces out twice in my 2 different fabrics, sewed them together as per the pattern instructions as if the other side was the yoke and then hemmed with some lace edge bias trim (which I’m completely in love with, and a little bit addicted to)

So here’s the Halloween side, made with Timeless Treasures Black Skulls 


And I teamed it up with Timeless Treasures Rain Black as the colours matched the Black Skulls fabric so well.


I thought I’d jazz it up with a couple of  spotty pockets to match the bias trim and this dress will be great for autumn and winter this year over a long sleeved top. I love this style of dress as it seems to last in to the following year as a top.

The other change that I made was to for go the buttons and add some star shaped KAM snaps instead. I find KAM snaps are pretty addictive, do you agree?


What are you making for Halloween?

5 thoughts on “Easy Make: Reversible Halloween Dress”

      1. Cos I’m too old for wee girls! My boys are 27 and 22 – they need to be making me a pinky bundle to dress in pretty frocks!

  1. Love the idea of making one side wearable all year round; why didn’t I think of that?! Glad I read this before making my Big Girl’s Halloween (or dare I say Christmas!) outfit.

    The finished dress is fantastic btw!

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