The UFO Challenge

UFOs… That’s UnFinished Objects, we all have them don’t we? Well 2014 is going to be the year I’m going to be Miss Complete And Finish Off, as well as Miss Start A-New… Yes sirree! (well that’s the plan.) It was in this post I talked about Best Effort Resolutions so here we are on task one of that and I’ve just spent a good few hours scouring my sewing space trying to collate all of my UFOs for a good sort through and here they are….

We’ll start with one of the high priority finishes I really need to get done before the intended recipient is a teenager. I started this quilted playmat for a very good friend of mine about 2 weeks before the arrival of her baby. Why on earth I thought I’d get a whole quilt made in a fortnight is another thing entirely but I did, and of course I failed miserably only having completed 4 blocks of this quilt with the theme “You Are My Sunshine”. She had the baby, I ended up buying her a baby gift and  this has  sat unfinished since then and she’s since moved to France and the baby is 8 months old. Oops. I really want to get a wriggle on with this one.

ImageNext in the UFO pile is a top I started for myself in the summer. I love this fabric, it’s an Alexander Henry cotton lawn and it’s so beautiful. It’s almost like silk (well as silk like as a cotton can be) and I have a real “thing” for peacock feathers, well feathers in general, but the pattern called for me to put a light weight interfacing on it which just made my skin crawl. The thought of ironing on some polyester to my beautiful cotton lawn made me shudder, but of course I got the fear that the top would fail some how if I didn’t so I cut it out and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I reckon this will be fine without the interfacing, what do you think? But why would they tell you to interface if it didn’t need it? (Oh no, the internal debate in my head still rages.)


I decided to include kits that I have in my stash as they are essentially part the way there. So this is a tree decoration kit from Lisa over at The Fernery. I bought this kit to make for Christmas 2012 and didn’t ever get round to it but I’m quietly pleased that when I complete this I’ll be knocking off one of my UFOs AND doing some Christmas sewing – whoop!

1450287_566098010150029_1098090638_n photo-2

Continuing on with the owl theme, this was supposed to be a Plush comfort blanket for Baby Plush, alas when I did the embroidery the edge of the fabric got caught underneath and it stitched the fabric to itself *sigh*. You can see where I have set the edge free and left a big hack in the process… I was a tad vexed at the time, maybe I’ll refashion this as a scarf or a cushion? I’ll have a wee think.


This is a Riley Blake Super Hero Cape in pink. I know Baby Plush will love this so it’s bound to be high up on the finishing list!


This was destined to become a tea cosy for my friend as a house warming present. I have a good excuse for not finishing this one as I had a baby shortly after starting it but my friend has since moved from the house that this was warming so I am a little delayed. It was pre Plush Addict days and up cycled from a table cloth and off cuts from the blind I made for our bathroom. It was one of the first embroideries I did on the first embroidery machine I had, my trusty Brother SE400 which has a lot to answer for on the Plush Addict journey. The 4×4 hoop design looks so teeny!


I wasn’t even sure what on earth this was when I pulled it out of the bag and it took a good ten minutes to work out what it was supposed to be. It was from a time where I used to be quite the handbag gal and this was supposed to be a handbag organiser that could hang off the back of my bedroom door. It only needs the fasteners sewing on and a coat hanger inserting (oh and maybe a good press!)  from what I can make out. I don’t really remember how I envisaged this one turning out to be honest and I’m not sure I’d even use it now I don’t have a “proper” job, maybe I can repurpose it. I do love this green fabric, it’s got quite the sheen on it in real life, the photo doesn’t do it justice. Also from a time before KAM snaps! Gawd these hammer applied poppers are a PITA, so happy to have discovered the wonderful world of KAM snaps since then.


I’m a tad gutted about this one as the main bit of the project seems to be missing. It’s a recent make and I showed my friend progress only a few weeks ago so it must be around somewhere, I just have to wait for it to turn up. I’ve been wanting to use this chambray in a project for a while and decided to make this top and made my own pattern for it following this tutorial from Schwin & Shwin I do hope it surfaces soon.

tunic photo-3-copy-2

This one was another attempt at pattern making and using Adobe Illustrator and I was hoping to turn this in to a downloadable pattern at some point. These are super cute slipper boots for Baby Plush made from this Indigo denim and were to be lined with this cutie oxford cloth from Kokka. I sewed  them up wrong and haven’t gone back to correct it yet.


So there we have it, my UFOs all laid out loud and proud, which one is on the sewing table first I wonder?

So I’ve shown you mine, why don’t you show me yours? Do you fancy joining me in the UFO challenge? Perhaps we can encourage each other along the way, share the pain and spread some joy!

20 thoughts on “The UFO Challenge”

  1. I have three UFO’s which I pulled out last week. One is a ragged edge quilt made out of old shirts, the pattern is in ‘A Passion for Patchwork’ by Lise Bergene. I managed to complete the quilt in 2 days, so why did it sit in a bag for 2 years? The second one is a patchwork top I made about 10 years ago. The design is sailboat blocks. I have been hand quilting this on and off for the last 6 months. I have quilted half of the blocks in the last week and have only a simple cable design to quilt around the border. I bought the binding fabric yesterday. The third one is a set of 10 inch blocks which I did in quilt-as-you-go strip piecing. All the blocks are complete and I bought the binding yesterday to stitch the blocks together and to finish the edge. This one has been hanging around for about 4 years. I have given myself the deadline of end of January to complete all three quilts.

  2. Oh you’re braver than me. Most of my UFOs are crochet and I mostly sew now, so they’re sitting in a box/bag/basket/cupboard… Everywhere! I can’t even bear to look at them. Especially not when I got my jersey plush delivered from you last week and I have only made one animal hoody so far! Good luck with your UFOs!

    1. Thanks Katy. \i bet one day you have a resurgence in your crochet, it’s amazing how cyclical these thing are! Jersey plush is awesome! An animal hoody sounds fab

  3. I was so amused by your article Kellie and heartened to know there was someone else like me. I’m feeling very smug, though, as I have just finished a sampler quilt I started 22 years ago!!! For quite some while I thought I had lost some of the completed blocks but they turned up neatly folded up in the backing fabric and ‘filed’ away – so never give up hope of finding your lost project – now for the rest of my UFO’s! As well as UFO’s did you know you can have a WIP (work in progress) and a NESSY (not even started yet)?

    1. I bet you are! It is an amazing feeling knocking one of the list, isn’t it? Oh my list of NESSYs is even bigger than my UFOs and I seem to add to it weekly! Yesterday I brought the fabric home to make an insulated oven glove and now I have the quandary – new or old project, hehe. Congrats on finishing your quilt Deirdre.

  4. Your FB post made me laugh as I was midway updating my Project List on the phone with the (small) progress I made over the weekend! It prompted me to add up my UFOs which are
    2 quilts that “just” need binding
    7 quilts pinned and tacked to be quilted
    3 layered up but only pinned
    5 quilt tops not finished
    3 started to cut out

    Also one website/blog to actually get going and a pair of Angry Birds pjs to make from some fab flannel I bought from you and that’s before we look at the fabric stuffed in the cupboard!

    I am going to try and complete projects this year!

  5. I have a few UFO’s on my work table too, I have a swaddle blanket, some crayon rolls, a dress that needs fixing, and some cross stich that I am actually doing now 🙂 SO that one probably doesn’t count anymore 🙂 As I am about to give birth I can’t sit on the sewing machine for too long, so am comfortably on my sofa and doing the cross stich…. 🙂

  6. You’ve made me feel better. In the technically unfinished category, I only have one child’s pinafore which I cut out in September and haven’t started to sew yet, and a cross stitch that I’ve been working on since July – that’s not unfinished, just very slow. My major vice, though, is buying fabric with the idea that I’ll make something out of it and then never even getting started (NESSYs – I like that) – I don’t even want to think about how much there is in that category. On the positive side, I did finish off a second child’s pinafore which I’d also cut out in September over the Christmas holidays – I had to add a frill to the bottom, though, because it was already too short. Urk!

  7. I have FAR too many UFOs to count. I have 4 or 5 heaven and earth cross stitch designs started. One DMC cleopatra kit so close to completion that it would take less than a few hours a day for a week to finish. Then there’s my machine sewing finisges. I have my messenger bag and pattern to finish as well as 2 cushion covers that I just need to hem, a valentines bunting and a hessian crown, a hessian bunting and a changing bag set. Then on Friday I will be ordering fabrics for a new order that is for three little boys waistcoats and ties. X I need to get on with them x

  8. This makes me feel better, I have a few UFO’s too and just sometime don’t feel like touching them 🙂 But there is always hope!

  9. Ah, I feel a little better about my Bargello – which promised to be easy (ha). Needless to say, 2 years later, er um. Great blog and love the fabrics in your store for my NESYs. Can’t wait til it’s delivered!!

      1. You know, reading all you lovely ladies admit to you UFO’s makes me feel so much better, since I retired I have been trying to ‘find’ myself, well that’s my excuse for the crocheting ‘things’, the knitting with sleeves, button bands, fronts for different items, not forgetting the odd patchwork blocks, strips half machined or waiting to be put together. My New Years resolution was to at least put the zip in a ‘duck’ pencil case my grandson bought to me 2 years ago, he’s outgrown it now but still keeps asking if I’ve done it. Still it sits in the drawer. I’m sure I will eventually find time to complete it all…………!!!

      2. It’s the way of the world Sandra… Even after writing this at the beginning of the year I’m still no further forward with my UFOs! I was hoping declaring it to the world would kick me in to touch, alas not. Ah well, let’s embrace the chaos and relish the ones we do complete 🙂

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