20% Off Kona Solids Until Midnight Monday!

We’re having a flash sale on Robert Kaufman Kona cotton and there’s 20% off until this Monday. Kona is the go to brand for solid colours and comes in over 270 shades (we stock the lot!) so you’re bound to find the perfect hue you need.

Grab ’em quick, this promotion is bound to be popular


Sewing Workshops Are Shaping Up!

**Update** Unfortunately events conspired against us as we weren’t able to move in to the space as we’d hoped in September but I’m really please to say that after a lots of hard work behind the scenes things are back on track and we are hoping to announce a class timetable for Spring 2015!

I did say last week that things have been a tad hectic at Plush Towers, one of the things keeping me very busy is the planning and organising for the upcoming sewing workshops which we are looking to start in September. I’ve been very busy behind the scenes choosing furniture, sewing machines, meeting up with class teachers and all sort so other bits and pieces.

We are taking the office space above the warehouse which is currently occupied by our landlord. It’s so bright and airy and we’ll have oodles of space to play with. I’m hoping that as well as the area for the sewing machines we’ll have big cutting tables which will be perfect for big projects like curtains and quilts and if I get my way we’ll also have a sofa area to kick back and relax, socialise, drink tea and eat cake! I’m hoping that alongside the classes we’ll have drop in sessions and other more informal meets. We’ll also be hiring out the space for other local activities. I’ve already had interest from a local yoga group so if you’re near to Edenbridge and need a space for a club or activity then get in touch!


So far I’ve lined up lots of beginner classes as well as some quilting, dressmaking and pattern fitting and some children and teen classes. I hope we’ll have a final timetable drawn up within the next couple of weeks and you’ll be able to book in for a class but until we actually sign the contract I’m reluctant to put the classes up to be booked but here’s are a few to give you a flavour of what we’re planning…

Free Motion Embroidery





Sewing with oil cloth





Beginners Patchwork


 Make a Ripstop Backed Out Door Cushion

photo 2-2

 Make A Fabric Basket


Make Perfect Fit Jeans


Perfect Pattern Fitting



Stay tuned for updates! As soon as we’ve signed the paperwork for the new space I’ll be publishing the timetable. I hope you’re as excited as we are and do get in touch if there are specific classes you’d like to see.

Denim Fabric: A Guide And Sewing Tips

There’s nothing quite like a good pair of denim jeans, is there? It’s such a versatile fabric which only improves with age and wear. We have the French to thank for denim, originally woven in the town of Nîmes for overalls and sailcloth it was known as “serge de Nîmes” which got shortened to  “de Nîmes” and the name was born.

Denim is a strong and durable twill woven fabric made from 100% cotton. Traditionally the warp yarns are dyed an indigo colour and the weft yarn is left undyed which is why true denim fabric is different colours on either side (for real fabric geeks, if your denim is the same colour on both sides it’s actually jean fabric, not denim!)

We have recently started stocking denim, you can see our collection here and we carry a wide range of weights and colours. We also have stretch denim which is particularly great for clothing makes.


Uses for Denim Fabric

Denim is super versatile. As it’s 100% cotton it’s great for casual wear clothing such as jeans, skirts, jackets, shorts, children’s clothes, workwear overalls and protective clothing. As denim is very hardwearing it would also be great for home wear items such as oven gloves, cushions, decorative upholstery and bags.

A Guide to Denim Weights

Denim comes in a vast array of weights and one of our most frequently asked questions is whether a denim classes as light, medium or heavy weight.

  1. Lightweight – or under 12 Oz.
  2. Mid-weight – or from 12 Oz. – 16 Oz.
  3. Heavyweight – anything above 16 Oz.

The rule is the heavier the denim, the better it will age and fade *but* heavier weight denim will be very stiff to start off with and take time to wear in and soften. The most common denims used, and the easiest to handle, are the light and medium weight.

Sewing With Denim

Denim is a rough and tough fabric and the main problem is poses for sewing is the thickness of the fabric,  as such you need to right kit for the job to ensure success.

1) Use a denim needle which are stronger then “normal” needles and have a sharper point both of which will help you sew through a heavier fabric.

2) Use denim thread, it’s stronger and especially important on stress seams.

3) Go slowly! Those layers of denim might leave your machine struggling, if that’s the case then slow down and use your hand wheel.

4) Reduce bulk. Some machines will glide through layers of denim with no issues, others might not have the wellie needed to cope. If this is the case then reduce bulk where you can by pressing seams out flat or by using thinner fabrics as facings of linings which is not only practical, but will also add some pretty design features to your work. You can also trim seams right back to your stitching line (being careful not to cut your stitches of course)

5) Use a longer stitch length, about 3-3.5 should do it.

Have you made anything lately with denim? I’d love to see photos if you have!


How To Restore Plush (Minky) Remnants

Plush, minky, cuddle fabric… whatever you like to call it! (For an update on why we don’t call the fabric “minky” in the UK like the rest of the world does see this post) There’s no mistaking the lusciousness that started me on the road to our online shop. The trouble is (for us) the last 50cm-75cm of every bolt we have can only be sold as a fabric remnant. The pile near to the centre of the bolt gets brushed up the wrong way and crushed when the weight of the rest of the fabric piles on top of it. Then it’s stored by the manufacturer for a while and in that time unfortunately the pile goes a bit wayward and no amount of stroking it puts it back to it’s former glory. The fabric isn’t permanently like this as the pile isn’t damaged per se, it’s just got a bit of bed hair so needs a little coaxing to restore it. Continue reading “How To Restore Plush (Minky) Remnants”

Guest Post: In Car CD Visor Tutorial

I’m very happy to hand over the reigns today to very talented quilter and stitcher Fiona from Celtic Thistle Stitches. I urge you to pop over and say hello as not only has Fiona got some very easy to follow tutorials to tempt you with she is also a knowledge on making vodka cocktails in the dishwasher! If you’re like me and you haven’t worked out how to get your iPod to work in the car quite yet and find that your CDs end up strewn on the passenger seat then this one is for you… 

Hi, I’m Fiona and I blog at Celtic Thistle Stitches. I was delighted when Kellie offered me the opportunity to post a guest tutorial on this blog. I love searching through her Plush Addict store, and always find something new and different to tempt me 🙂

Today I am sharing with you how to make this Visor CD Wallet. Continue reading “Guest Post: In Car CD Visor Tutorial”