Can You Make Our Open Day?

There are only a few days to go until our next open day, will we be seeing you? It’s this Saturday. We are excited to be showing off a big re-org of the warehouse and hope the changes we’ve made  will make browsing even easier. We’re open from 10am-4pm so there’s plenty of time to get lost in our fabric filled warehouse. There will also be lots of tea and cake for you to enjoy and keep your other half happy.

Each open day we have people come from further and further afield, last time somebody came all the way from Wales! Bonkers…  I’ve updated the open day info page with some local attractions so if you do travel a distance there are some ideas for making a day of it

Many people choose to come first thing and afternoons are usually quieter, so I would recommend coming then if you want to avoid the crowds. Also, if you want to collect Plush Points on the day, please make sure you have registered with us online in advance. If you can’t make it this weekend, our next open day is 30th August, so not too long to wait.

I do enjoy putting faces to names so if you make it do please come and say hi!  Hope to see you on Saturday. 

4 thoughts on “Can You Make Our Open Day?”

  1. I’m coming….can’t wait….I have been wondering though if you get a busy as you say do shoppers remove the fabric bolts from the racks for cutting? I can just visualise all the fabrics I’m hoping to buy will be under another shoppers arm!

    1. Glad you can make it Jean! We have lots of trolleys and people generally stack the fabrics they’d like on their trolley and bring them to a cutting table when they are done so yes, there are fabrics doing th rounds and people do eye up other folk’s trollies but it’s a great way to chat to people! If there are some fabrics you definitely know you want you can always order them on the website before hand by Friday morning and select “Collect” as the postage option and everything will be ready for you when you come!

  2. I’d love to visit but I am too far away and do not have a way of getting there but I hope everyone has a great time

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