Sausalito Cottage from LakeHouse

Oh my! This new collection “Sausalito Cottage” from Lakehouse might be too pretty for words. Designed by Holly Holderman, Sausalito is actually a city in California with pretty hillside shoreline and this collection certainly nods to kicking back and relaxing through the summer months. Images of the garden are throughout; there are flowers, butterflies and bees buzzing around. I think this collection would make a beautiful feminine quilt and it’s vintage feel would be great for clothes and homely makes.

The collection is available here. What would you make with it?


2 thoughts on “Sausalito Cottage from LakeHouse”

  1. Hi I am trying to source 1m 20 of the Lakehouse Sausilito Cottage Garden fabric, Do you still have any in stock? I think its the one at the top of the right hand folded pile! its shades of lilac on a white background with french writing in the background. Any idea where I can get a bit of it from?
    Many Thanks

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