We’re Going On The Road!

Yes that’s right, we’re on the move! For ages lots of people have been saying we should get out and about to some the quilt shows and to be honest it’s always made my head hurt. I mean, how do you condense a 7,000 sq ft warehouse in to a van? What would we take? How much fabric would we need? Will I have to drive a van?! All these questions and many more have circulated in my head for quite some time but last year we decided the time had finally come to get mobile. We’re staying quite close to home with our L plates on for our maiden voyage as Ardingly is only 30 minutes from where we’re based and will mean we can pop back if we’ve forgotten anything drastic.

You can find us at stand 49 at the Spring Quilt Festival in Ardingley in Sussex from 23rd-25th January and also on stand 50-51 at the Spring Quilt Festival in Duxford in Cambridgeshire from 6th-8th March.

We’ll be attending some more shows later this year, we’re just finalising the details but keep an eye out on this page for where else Team Plush will be popping up. Nerves aside, the one thing I’m very much looking forward to is meeting lots of fellow fabric addicts and sewing enthusiasts. I do so love our open days where we get to meet and chat to people.

It’s been quite daunting working out the details and I hope we’ve not missed anything. I’m sure when we’ve got a show under our belt I’ll feel a bit more settled about it all but until then we’ve been playing mini shop in a quiet corner of the warehouse and have set up mock up of our first stand, now all we need to do is fill up the shelves and hope my mental arithmetic improves before then!

Our stand mock up, all we need is to fill it!

Wish us luck and do pop by and say hello if you are attending.



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