Sneaky Peek: Upcoming Riley Blake Fabrics

Hello friends! I thought I’d try a few new different features on the blog this year including some sneaky peek photos of upcoming fabrics. I keep forgetting to actually take the photos of the cards when reps come to see me but I’m going to try *much* harder at getting the camera out for your viewing pleasure. I’ve already placed orders for a lot of Christmas and Halloween fabrics, most of which was done last year (bonkers, hey?) and first up are some Riley Blake fabrics which are due out at various times later this year. We haven’t uploaded anything in to Coming Soon section for ages (there just isn’t enough hours in the day sometimes) but I’m really hoping we can get fabrics up in a more timely manner so you can see properly what’s due ahead of time and plan your shopping accordingly! So without further a-do….

Unicorns! I’m sure down to the success of Riley Blake’s last unicorn collection they are repeating these with a slight twist. Bound to be popular.


Flamingos! Very on trend right now, I couldn’t resist these little fellas.


There’s a lovely delicate vintage style sewing collection coming out, those cotton reels are fantastic.


One for the boys…. I love those toy soldiers.


I seem to recall I’ve just ordered the horse print here, and a very fine horse print it is too.


Owls continue to be our most popular creature. Foxes have given owls a run for their money but the mighty owl still continues to be king of the woodland.



I fell in love with the turtles in this collection, can you spot them swimming around in a circle? So gorgeous.


These are home dec weight and should be with us quite soon.



You could spot this Riley Blake Halloween collection at 100 paces but amazingly the pumpkin print GLOWS IN THE DARK! I see awesome ahead.



A lovely vintage style Christmas collection is to come, it’s metallic too. The stags are fantastic.



And the novelty Christmas collection has some fab Santas and I’m really glad the cute reindeer are back again for another year.



And Christmas Matryoshka dolls are coming. I resisted the apron panel though 😉



I love these birdies


There’s a new cute toy panel.


Vintage girls on a bicycle anyone?



Well I hope you enjoyed that sneaky peek!

Do you have any favourites?

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