What Is A Border Print?

I recently sent this out as a newsletter and it prompted lots of responses I thought I’d post it here too to preserve it for prosperity!

Print runs "Up the bolt/ roll"
Print runs “Up the bolt/ roll”

I have been asked a few times recently to explain what a “border  print” is. If you’re not up to speed on this particular fabric lingo read on, especially as we’ve had a couple of crackers arrive this week. If I’m teaching you to suck eggs then scroll down to the inspiration part to check put the pretty prints!

So what is a border print?

Most prints are printed so the pattern runs “up the bolt/ roll” where the direction of the print runs at 90 degrees to the selvedge, like the illustration to the right.

Some fabrics are designed so that the print runs in parallel to the
edge, like the illustrations below. These are the prints we refer to as “border prints” or they can also be known as “railroaded prints”

In a border print the design runs along one side of the selvedge.
In a border print the design runs along one side of the selvedge.
A double border print has the design running along both selvedge edges.
A double border print has the design running along both selvedge edges.


Border and railroaded prints offer some exciting design opportunities. They work particularly well for items like dresses and skirts. These prints can also add extra interest to items like aprons, cot bumpers and bags, to name just a few ideas. You can find our border prints here.

New Border Prints

We’ve just had a couple of cracking new Border prints arrive…

Princess Charming from Michael Miller

Princess Charming is one of Michael Miller’s latest collections and it includes this fantastic fantasy border print. What Princess could resist unicorns, castles and knight in shining armour?



Holly Jolly Gnomes from Michael Miller

‘m so delighted that Michael Miller have recently released a Christmas version to compliment the ever popular Gnomeville. Say hello to “Holly Jolly Gnomes”

234671_mich_cx6701_red 234598_mich_cx6701_red



Need Some Inspiration?

Need some inspiration to fuel your ideas about how best to use a Border Print? Here’s the best we found on Pinterest using our favourite fabrics.

Take a look at the tutorial used by Sarah Jane the designer of this brilliant border print “On Parade”. See Sarah Jane’s musings here and find the tutorial used here.

This print was originally designed for skirts and dresses but the print lends itself so well to home ware makes such as this fun and functional floor cushion.





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