A Quick Tip For Cutting Out Slippery Fabrics

Despairing this morning when I realised Little Plush had zero leggings that fitted properly (how do they grow sooo fast?!) I decided it would be quicker to sew some up than actually get to the shops. If you’ve not tried sewing leggings – don’t be scared – they are SO easy and are super quick to boot – win win. Continue reading “A Quick Tip For Cutting Out Slippery Fabrics”

Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial And Free Pattern

Make the winter’s night more cosy by learning to make this hot water bottle cover. Free tutorial and pattern.

Isn’t it typical that as soon as I get around to making a hot water bottle cover the weather warms up again! Well at least I’ll be prepared for the next cold snap. I fell in love with “Mori Girls” as soon as I saw it and knew I had to make something with it. I decided to team it up with some super huggable plush/  minky fabric (read here why we call it plush and not minky fabric)to make a gorgeously soft, tactile and luxurious cover to make the winter nights even more snuggly . What nicer way to warm up your feet and get those toes cosy on a cold winter’s night?

You could chose to make this in just plush, or just cotton, or mix and match however you fancy!

DSC_0622 Continue reading “Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial And Free Pattern”