How To: Make A Heart Garland

Love is in the air!

This quick and easy project is perfect for Valentines Day! Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own felt heart garland using only a few basic supplies.

There’s many different types of felt you could use for this project, we suggest giving our felt fabric guide a quick whizz through before you get started to help you decide which one is best for you!

Displaying hearts in your home spreads a positive message to your visitors, it says ‘you are welcome, I’m here for you & will bring a splash of colour to your home. It’ll also give you a sense of pride at what you achieved, every time you walk by!

What You Will Need:

2 x 30cm squares of felt

25 Giant pom poms

4 m Wool

Sewing thread

30cm ribbon



Sewing needle

Sewing machine (or hand sewing)

Sewing pins or clips

Making the hearts

(complete each step on one felt square at a time)

Step 1:

On the felt square draw lines the length of the square every 2.5cm. This will create 12 drawn stripes.

Step 2:

With the stripes running from side to side, fold the square in half as though closing a book matching the stripes. Pin or clip together the long edge.

Step 3:

Sew along the folded edge, 5mm from the edge.

Step 4:

Remove the clips from the side not sewn & open the felt like a book. Folding the felt back on itself, bring the two open edges together. The sewn seam should be on the inside – this will make a heart shape. Do not squash!

Step 5:

Check the stripes line up again. Pin or clip the 2 layers together and sew.

Step 6:

Holding the 2 layers of fabric firmly together cut along the drawn lines through both layers of felt. This will form 12 hearts per felt square.

Threading the garland

Step 1:

Place the threaded needle through the centre of a pom pom and guide it along the wool. Stop 20cm before the end.

Step 2:

Thread the needle through the outer layer of a heart approx. 7.5cm from the bottom & central to the width of the heart.

Step 3:

Ease the heart along the wool, stopping at the pom pom. Spread out the felt layers and a heart shape will form. Spend a little time shaping the heart. Repeat steps 3 to 7 alternating red and white hearts until all the hearts and pom poms are used up.

Step 4:

Remove the needle from the end of the wool and the garland is ready to hang.

All done! This project is super easy and fun making it perfect to do with a partner, friend or even a little one!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it brings you some joy on this Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to share your finished makes with us – tag us @PlushAddict as we LOVE seeing your projects!

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