5 PUL Sewing Project Ideas

Have you ever used PUL fabric before? Ever wondered what type of makes you can sew up with this fabric?

We’ve got a round up of some of our favourite PUL fabric projects that’ll hopefully help you get your sew on!

We also stock a variety of different PUL fabrics and prints to suit all your sewing needs, whether it’s single layer PUL or sandwich PUL, you can buy PUL fabric in the UK from us! 

Whether you’re making a children’s dribble bib, reusable makeup pads or cloth diapers we’re sure to have what you need!

Read on for some waterproof fabric project ideas!

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Looking for something specific? Click below:

Swim Bag

Whether the kids are heading back to the pool this year for lessons or you’re going on a late summer getaway, you will LOVE to sew this new Swim Bag project.

This new sewing pattern is a kid’s sized waterproof drawstring swim bag, so it’s easy for little hands to access!

It has a waterproof lining for soggy swimming costumes with a ‘dry pocket’ for any valuables. We have used the Rockpool fabrics from Dashwood Studio which we think the kids will love. 

Grab this pattern here while it’s on sale for only £4.99!

Large Wash Bag

Make something practical with that special touch that comes with it being handmade.

A large wash bag is an item we all need from time to time, and it’s big enough for all types of toiletries or other bits and bobs coming in at 22cmx 17cm x 12cm! 

As well as being lined with waterproof PUl fabric we’ve also given the exterior some Odicoat layers maxing out the water repelling properties of this bag.

It’s perfect for splashing around in the shwoer… or by the pool if you’re lucky enough!

Find the full tutorial with step-by-step instructions here – FREE pattern included!

Waterproof Mattress Cover

Have you reached the toilet training stage yet?

Once that plastic protector is on their bed every movement is exaggerated with the crunchy rustle of plastic!

That’s why we’ve created a mattress protector designed to fit on top of your main sheet to help change your child’s bed quickly and easily in the middle of the night.

You can just whip the mattress protector off and replace it with another one! All made with PUL making it fully waterproof of course.

It’s washable, so if you make 2 or more there will always be a spare one on hand for those blurry eyed bed changes and it fits over a bed sheet instead of under, for speedy switching during the night.

Our tutorial takes you through how to make a mattress protector of any size, combining absorbent bamboo velour and breathable waterproof PUL for a cooler nights sleep with some pretty quilting cotton!

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Double Pocket Waterproof Dry Bag

The perfect dry bag, with two pockets (one which is waterproof!) to help keep your clean and used reusable make up pads we mentioned above, separate from each other.

When you’ve washed them, simply open the zip and pop the whole thing into the washing machine!

We made this project using PUL fabric, we have a massive range you can find here.

Read the full tutorial here and make your own dry bag.

Reversible Baby Bib

One of our most popular projects of all time, the dribble bib!

Have a baby on the way or know anyone who does?

Why not gift them this reversible waterproof baby bib they’re sure to appreciate!

It’s made with soft cotton, bamboo towelling and bamboo velour so it is sensitive enough to be used for a baby.

Read our blog on the best fabrics for dribble bibs here and take your pick!

Best of all is this project will only take you 20 minutes to sew up!

Access the full tutorial and FREE pattern here.

Did you enjoy these project ideas?

Let us know in the comments below and tag us @PlushAddict – we’d love to see how you make these projects your own!

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