10 Tips For Sewing With Chalk Cloth Fabric

Look at our amazing Chalk Cloth it is so much fun to stitch with.

It works exactly like a traditional chalk board but it is a fabric. You can write on it, draw on it and the great thing is, it’s wipe clean, so that you can use it again and again. 

So here you have it, a comprehensive guide to sewing with Chalk Cloth.

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Outshine Everyones Christmas Decor This Year!

What does your Christmas household decor look like? 

Are you the type of person to just dash a few christmas lights around the house and call it a day? Or do you go ALL out.. and I mean full house decorated top to bottom inside AND outside all out?

Whatever floats your boat, go with it! But you can’t possibly decorate without some pretty christmas cushions… right? 

Well we’ve got just that! 

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Christmas Bow Cushion – Beginner Friendly Project

It’s that time of year again… yup… we’re doing Christmas In July!

What part of decorating is your favourite? Is it the lights or the table or the front porch with a real life Santa Klaus? Whatever floats your boat, go with it! But you can’t possibly decorate without some pretty Christmas cushions… right?

That’s exactly why we’re bringing you our latest tutorial! Learn how to sew a Christmas bow cushion featuring Makower’s Santa Express & Yappy! collections.

An easy to follow and beginner friendly tutorial, you can brush up on skills such as using woven interfacing to give fabric more structure and sewing a bow from scratch.

We’ve also got a Christmas In July offer going, get 3 FREE projects and 10% OFF with any purchase from the Christmas shop!

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Countdown to Christmas 2021 in style!

Grab yourself an advent calendar and count down to Christmas 2021 in style!

With December 1st just 20 weeks away, it’s time to think about how you’ll be counting down to the big day this year!

We have a huge range of advent calendars to offer that are super easy to make and really quick too!

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Handmade Gift Ideas For Christmas!

I don’t know about you, but my favourite part about Christmas is getting together and giving friends and family beautiful gifts. We thought what better way to add that special touch by giving gifts this year in something handmade that they can love and keep forever. 

We are also all about doing our bit for the planet here at Plush Addict, so these Christmas project ideas are also eco-conscious, so you can use them year after year.

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Reusable Fabric Gift Tags

Here at Plush Addict, we are always looking for ways to be kinder to the planet. Christmas will be here before you know it! And this year you have plenty of time to make up these reusable gift tags you can bring out year after year, not only saving you time & money BUT also lots of waste that just ends up in landfill

Just scribble the name in chalk or chalk pen and then wipe it off and reuse them year after year!

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Have the best dressed table this Christmas!

Say cheers at a table filled with gorgeous luxury table place settings this year! We have lots of ideas and inspiration for your Christmas 2021 table decor.

Our fab new table linen kits are available to purchase in both RED & GREY colourways featuring Makower’s Scandi 2021 collection.

And if you purchase one before 18th July 2021 you’ll save 10% AND gain access to our 3 FREE Christmas projects!

The kit has been designed with the busy Seam-Star in mind.

Not only is this a simple project each element comes together FAST! We reckon you can sew the whole kit in around 4 hours!

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Christmas All Wrapped Up with Fabric Gift Bags!

How will you be wrapping your christmas gifts this year? Will you be on ‘bin bag duty’ again collecting all of the used wrapping paper & throwing a glitter & foil mountain out to landfill? Or will you be following our tutorial and making beautiful reusable gift bags and tags to keep for years to come?

And all the effort you put in making these will come back to you – we promise! Make these and be your future friend next year when your gift wrapping will be complete in a fraction of the time – whoop!

We are super excited to share with you this fabulous eco-conscious way of gifting your loved ones this year. We have three different sized bags you can create, here’s what you’ll need for each one…

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Personalised Santa Sack Tutorial

Save Santa from any confusion this Christmas eve with a gorgeous personalised santa sack, which is super roomy for all those gifts!

It’s a super simple make for any beginner seam stars and something that will be treasured for years to come. Not to mention it saves you buying yet another expensive gift bag that will be thrown away after the big day! 

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Get 3 FREE Christmas Projects straight to your inbox!

If you’re feeling Christmas ready like us, you’ll want some Christmas projects to get your teeth into right?

Well, we have a super offer where not only do you get 10% off when you shop in our Christmas shop until July 18th, you’ll also get these 3 FREE projects winging their way to your email inbox with every purchase from the Christmas Shop!

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