cropped-warehouse-facebook-cover-photo-template.jpgMy lovely fabric shop, Plush Addict, is here

We stock a huge range of quilting cottons and dressmaking fabrics as well as other more unusual fabrics including waterproof fabrics, plush fabrics, fleece, chalk cloth, flannel, laminates, denim and much, much more. We specialise in cloth nappy making supplies and we also have a vast range of helpful haberdashery.

You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Please pop by and say hello!

8 thoughts on “Shop”

  1. Hi, l saw Diy kit ad from you for little stuffed reindeer in issue of MOLLY MAKES magazine, do you still have them

    1. Hi Joyce, I’m afraid I don’t have a tutorial available for that technique. Have you had a look on YouTube? There are usually lots of tutorials available there or on Google… thanks

  2. I downloaded your Vlieseline product guide. I did not see ILC 151 on the list. Do you know if there is a Pellon equivalent? I am reading that this is good for lining masks. I live in the US and the Vlieseline brand is not sold here. Thanks!

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