Cuddle Puzzle Quilt: Pieces By Polly

If you follow me on Instagram you’l know that I recently made this puzzle quilt from super soft plush fabric. The moment I saw Polly’s quilt shared by Shannon Fabrics I swooned and instantly fell in love. It’s a rainbow! It’s a jigsaw! It’s super soft and fluffy! These are all things that appeal greatly to Mrs Plush and I just had to give it a try. Continue reading “Cuddle Puzzle Quilt: Pieces By Polly”

Sew Your Own Lunch Bag Kit, whoop!

The Lab has been super busy these past few weeks, we finally finished the “Sew Your Own Lunch Bag” kit after lots of blood sweat and tears. I’m absolutely delighted with the finished result! The pattern and the instructions look amazing. Can’t wait for pictures of the finished kits to come rolling in. Image