A Waterproof Fabric Guide

Image Source: Michael Miller

Following on from my popular post about the fabric possibilities for dribble bibs I thought it would be a good idea to run a  series of these posts to talk about the other more specialist fabrics we stock in the Plush Addict Shop. We get lots of questions about which is the best waterproof fabric to use for a particular type of garment or handmade item so I figured this would be the next one in line for a bit of (hopefully!) helpful blurb. Continue reading “A Waterproof Fabric Guide”

Sew Your Own Lunch Bag Kit, whoop!

The Lab has been super busy these past few weeks, we finally finished the “Sew Your Own Lunch Bag” kit after lots of blood sweat and tears. I’m absolutely delighted with the finished result! The pattern and the instructions look amazing. Can’t wait for pictures of the finished kits to come rolling in. Image